On October 15th, ITeC participated in the presentation of the LIFE EcoTimberCell project in Lugo, an initiative that promotes sustainable construction with local timber from a consortium of different organizations where ITeC is also a partner.

The Ingeniería Estructural de Madera Platform (PEMADE) of the Campus Terra in USC, together with other project partners, submitted the proposal to the European Commission last year. The proposal was approved under the title “Ecological cellular structural systems for a model building mitigation of climate change and enhancement of the forestry sector.”

The main goal is to develop local wood building products from sustainable forest management to reduce energy consumption in the construction sector. The creation of EcoTimberCell (ETC) system and ETC housing modules to develop near zero energy buildings will make this change affordable.

The work process will be carried out at the PEMADE facilities and will be supported by ITeC,the Betanzos HB and CETEMAS. A spin-off of the USC will be in charge of commercializing, exporting and developing the ETC products.