Last September 29th, ITeC, signed the document of commitment with Barcelona+Sostenible, which entails embracing shared responsibility in the construction of a more sustainable Barcelona, ​​in accordance with the objectives and lines of action set out in the Citizen Commitment for Sustainability 2012-2022.

This means that ITeC is now part of the network of +sustainable bodies and companies, which has close to 1,000 members, including businesses, organizations, retailers, universities and other educational centres, all of which have formally declared their support for the Barcelona+Sostenible initiative by signing the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability to contribute to the positive transformation of the city through their actions.

Being part of this network means not only promoting sustainability measures within our Institute but also making it possible to share good practices and develop projects jointly with other members of the group, all of whom share the conviction that Barcelona can and will become more sustainable.