Through this link you can become an investment partner of SIARQ Advanced Solar Design.

SIARQ was the finalist company that benefited from the complete program of advice for the search for private investment ITeC Impulsa.

Within this program, an ITeC advisor has helped the company prepare documentation and the list of investors to begin the search for private financing.

Once this process is finished, SIARQ has begun contact with investors and has launched a crowdfunding round with which it has already obtained the first investments of the platform’s partners and will shortly open it to the public.

The company seeks € 500,000, of which € 250,000 through crowdfunding, to carry out the industrialization of its products, as well as boost marketing, promotion and marketing actions.

SIARQ is a company specialized in the design and commercialization of a new generation of urban solar lighting. With the investments received, the launch of its flagship product, the Solar Urban Hub, will be financed. The product consists of a new concept of urban solar lighting with integrated environmental sensors. This innovative and unique design solution optimizes the management and control of air pollution in cities and allows the generation of new urban services to take care of the health and well-being of citizens.

ITeC Impulsa, with the support of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, has been a private financing search program aimed at companies with solutions that promote the circular economy in the construction sector. 10 companies have been advised with significant success. For this reason, this program will remain open to continue helping companies that improve the sector.