A significant number of European Assessment Documents (EAD) published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) cover products for building construction. However, a 15% of the EADs published cover products for civil engineering. Such a percentage may seem insignificant, but this is not the case of the products dealt with in these EAD.

In the middle of March, there were 32 EAD already published dealing with products and kits for civil engineering works. In addition, 6 EAD pending publication must be highlighted because they result from the conversion of ETAG 032 dealing with different types of expansion joints for road bridges.

The example in the image corresponds to a flexible facing system for slope stabilization. This is an image of the EAD 340059 from EOTA.

revestimiento flexible para estabilización de taludes

In the EADs published, it can be found:

  • Products for slope stabilization, falling rock protection and residues flux retention
  • Metallic products for gabions
  • Products for foundations
  • Products for structures
  • Products for bridges
  • Products for road pavements
  • Products for sewerage and drainage
  • Products for road equipment

ITeC EOTA Office has drawn up the articleProducts for civil engineering works in the European Assessment Documents” which gives an overview of this set of products, describing their applications, including images which describe them as well as observations about relevant aspects.

Access to the entire article